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The INDICASAT-AIP Bioterium is located in building 208, headquarters of the Institute for Scientific Research and High Technology Services, located in Ciudad del Saber, Clayton. City of Panama. It has within the building a semi-restricted area (procedure rooms and conduct room) and a restricted area (room for housing animals in production and experimentation).

The Bioterium maintains the production of mice and rats (experimental biomodels), such as: inbred mice: BALB / c and C57BL / 6, and non-consanguineous rats: Sprague Dawley, which are used in research in different areas of biomedical sciences, that are developed within the institute and in other research institutions in the country. These models are produced and maintained following the parameters established internationally under the 3R’s of the ethics of animal research.

The Bioterio infrastructure maintains optimal environmental conditions and sanitary barriers that allow the production and maintenance of animals with high health standards (Free of Specific Pathogens), in order that all the tests that use these biomodels have reproducible results. All the operation of the Bioterium is carried out under strict normed and standardized procedures.

The Institute’s Bioterium offers services such as supplying animals to the institute’s own researchers as well as to researchers from other scientific and academic institutions in the country. Among the services it offers are toxicological tests such as: Lethal Dose 50 (LD50), acute and chronic toxicity and embryotoxicity. Likewise, it offers the production of polyclonal antisera in mice, and surgical models: ovariectomized, vasectomized and splechnetomized, both mice and rats. The Bioterio also offers the rental of areas for development in adequate conditions, with the approval of the CICUA – INDICASAT projects, as well as the services of hematological and biochemical tests of mice and rats.
Among the objectives of the Bioterium is the certification of the production and supply of laboratory animals for experimentation and Bioassay services in accordance with Good Laboratory Practices.

The Bioterio has carried out different events within the framework of the dissemination of the “Science of laboratory animals”:
2017: International Seminar “One Health: from laboratory animal models to Public Health interventions”. City of knowledge. Panama.
2018: Seminar: Ethics of the Use of Laboratory Animals. City of knowledge. Panama.

Coming soon: Seminar: Realities in the use of laboratory animals in Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Research. Guests: Dr. Jesús Zúñiga (University of Granada. Spain) and Dr. Jorge Fernández (CINVESTA. Mexico).

The Bioterio develops its own research:

1. CICUA 20 002 “Validation of four anesthesia schemes using the ketamine / xylazine mixture for surgical procedures in male and female rats in the INDICASAT AIP Bioterium» 2. CICUA 20 001 “Effect of environmental enrichment on the recovery of animals from the experimental procedures »3. Monitoring for the microbiological and genetic characterization of the animals produced to guarantee the reproducibility of the research carried out with them.

The INDICASAT AIP Bioterium provides training in the proper handling of laboratory animals, to all persons who carry out research approved by the Institutional Committee for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals (CICUA-INDICASAT AIP), at the institute already group of interested users, prior planning.