Vacancy for Director of INDICASAT-AIP

Vacant Director of the Institute for Scientific Research and

High Technology Services – AIP (INDICASAT-AIP)



The INSTITUTE FOR SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH AND HIGH TECHNOLOGY SERVICES AIP (INDICASAT AIP), is a public interest and non profit association with legal status recognized in accordance with Resolution PJ No. 394-195 of 6 July 2007 of the Ministry of Government and Justice, duly registered in File No. 26405 (M) under the number of the Ministry of Government and Justice,  26405 (M) code C, of the Mercantile section, since August 8th, 2007 in the Public Registry of Panama, with address at Pullen Street, Building 208, Clayton, City of Knowledge, Republic of Panama, which has among its main objectives to contribute to the economic, scientific and social development of the country by promoting basic and applied research, as well as the use of new technologies, transferring them to the productive and business sectors of the country, and facilitating the exploitation of new resources through scientific research.


The mission of INDICASAT AIP is to carry out fundamental and applied scientific research and train human resources in research and development applied to the different priority disciplines of the country.


The vision of INDICASAT AIP is an institution of excellence, with an inclusive character and international recognition in interdisciplinary scientific research in biosciences, biomedicine and biotechnology, which innovates, provides services and transfers technology for the productive sector of Panama and the international community.


The director will be responsible for the scientific and administrative operation of the INDICASAT AIP. He/She will be in charge of positioning INDICASAT AIP as the platform for scientific and technological progress in Panama, facilitating scientific research of excellence, innovation, knowledge transfer, and training of human resources in research applied to different disciplines considered priorities for the advancement of the country. It also includes among its objectives to support the competitiveness of the productive sectors, and to be a facilitator of the interaction of the academic sectors (universities and research centers) with the private company through innovation.

The director will guarantee the correct administration of the Institute that allows it to achieve its aims, objectives, activities, mission and vision; sustained growth, scientific and operational innovation, efficiency and financial effectiveness, application of skillful management of the Institute’s locations, infrastructures, personnel and equipment, as well as the implementation of strategic plans, internal policies and guidelines from the Board of Directors and the General Assembly of the Institute, of internal regulations, organizational governance and internal control in an effective manner.

  1. University doctorate degree (Ph.D.), in any of the research areas of Biosciences (Biomedicine, Biotechnology, Biodiversity or related).
  2. Language: native or fluent English. Fluency in Spanish or willingness to learn this language is desirable.
  1. Proven track record of scientific and technological research, with a high number of scientific publications indexed as main or responsible author.
  2. Proven leadership capacity in the management of research programs.
  3. Experience in strategic planning, scientific team management, and knowledge of grant and fundraising processes.
  4. Experience in the generation of intellectual property, patents, or other expressions of technology transfer and innovation.
  1. Internationally recognized as a research leader, preferably as director of research centers, in the field of scientific and/or technological research with consolidated lines of research or development.
  2. Ten (10) or more years of professional experience in research/technology centers of excellence, or as: scientific staff member, project leader or manager, technical staff manager, principal investigator, or similar highly technical position, preferably as director.
  3. A proven track record in obtaining research funds as Principal Investigator or as key author of funded proposals.
  4. Have experience of science financing mechanisms in the public and/or private sector, nationally and/or internationally.

The specific functions of the Director include the following, among others:

  1. Representing the institute before public and private, national, and international, for budgetary support, fundraising; before the media for activities of diffusion and dissemination of the institute’s activities and others.
  2. Organize and implement the formulation and updating of the work and self-management plans of the INDICASAT AIP in coordination with other governance bodies of the AIP (Directive Committee, Scientific Committee, etc.), for the consideration and approval of the Board of Directors and ensure their implementation.
  3. Prepare and submit to the Board of Directors the annual objectives, the annual budget, the multi-annual budget projection and the investment or self-management plan in accordance with the needs of INDICASAT AIP.
  4. Follow-up daily on operational, technical, and administrative matters related to the implementation of the INDICASAT AIP activities.
  5. To direct the processes of selection and recruitment of the support staff and the administrative, technical, and scientific personnel deemed necessary to carry out the functions of the INDICASAT AIP, according to the provisions issued by the Association, its strategic plan, and in accordance with the organizational chart approved by the Board of Directors, subject to the Labor Code of the Republic of Panama and other legal provisions.
  6. Promote and facilitate cutting-edge research, in accordance with the strategic plans of the institution, including collaboration and interdisciplinary research with other actors, institutes and/or national or international researchers.
  7. Increase internal and external research opportunities in the field of scientific research and high-tech services for researchers, scholars, and students at the national level.
  8. Develop links between the institute and public and private sector researchers at the national and international level, forming innovative research communities and providing sufficient support to improve INDICASAT AIP’s research capacity.
  9. Promote and encourage the transfer of research results to society using diverse resources.
  10. Promote fundraising for INDICASAT-AIP’s research work, capital, and operating funds.
  11. Ensure compliance with institutional policies and the guidelines of the Board of Directors or the General Assembly.
  12. All those duties that are assigned by the Board of Directors.
  • Openness to change, and ability to handle complex situations.
  • Ability to perform work with energy and a positive and constructive attitude.
  • Ability to promote a favorable working environment for the best performance of human resources.
  • Interpersonal skills to motivate staff and promote teamwork
  • Ability to effectively manage and lead an organization of more than 80 collaborators.
  • Operate effectively under controls, administrative criteria and within a legal framework.
  • Handling of physical and virtual tools for organization, work performance and supervision.
  • Planning and time management skills.
  • Ability to adapt to remote work, face-to-face and virtual communication.
  • Ability to ensure the application and implementation of internal organizational rules and regulations.
  • Ability to reach consensus and negotiate support from colleagues, research subjects and other stakeholders.
  • Ability to negotiate and dialogue with the public administration actor, national and international organizations, non-profit organizations, national and international academic institutions, private and productive sector interlocutors
  • Ability to obtain resources, sponsorships, and grant funds from national or international source.
  • Experience in calls, contests, and opportunities to participate in subsidized projects, related to the purposes of INDICASAT AIP.
  • Prepare accountability instruments, prepare reports and reports to internal governance bodies
  • Ability to work oriented to results.
  • Ability to work with a broad vision without losing sight of details.
  • Honesty and transparency.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Personal maturity and leadership.
  • Demonstrate openness to change and ability to handle complex situations.
  • Ability to perform work with energy and a positive and constructive attitude.
  • Ability to stay disciplined, proactive, and motivated.
  • Organized, able to delegate and supervise.
  • Constancy: ability to maintain a high pace for long periods of time.
  • Innovative and creative.
  • Résume or Curriculum Vitae in the Spanish language in which the candidate’s trajectory is indicated, evidencing the knowledge, experience, and skills, which meets the required profile. If it is submitted in English, it must be accompanied by an official translation. It must list and contain the reference information to the candidate’s indexed scientific publications for verification. It must contain the contact information of the organizations where he carried out his general scientific and administrative professional experience, the position, responsibilities, and years held, it must indicate and provide verifiable reference information on the financing mechanisms of scientific projects and research funds with which has had experience)
  • Copy of Diplomas obtained. If requested, you must be able to present the originals and/or authenticated by apostille.
  • Essay of the candidate addressed to the Board of Directors of the INDICASAT AIP Association, no longer than three (3) pages, in which he expresses why he considers that he should occupy the position of Director, including information about his career and particular interests.
  • At least three (3) letters of recommendation or professional references, addressed to the INDICASAT AIP Board of Directors with the contact information of the issuing organization.
  • At least three (3) letters of personal references, addressed to the INDICASAT AIP Board of Directors with contact information.

From US$ 8,000.00 to US$. 10,000.00 monthly, negotiable depending on ability and proven experience. The contract will be for five (5) years, subject to annual evaluation, extendable to five (5) additional years depending on performance. Salary may be adjusted later based on performance.

Finalists will be asked to participate in interviews by the Board of Directors and with the participation of members of the institute’s research team. The INDICASAT AIP Board of Directors reserves the right not to hire any candidate at the end of this recruitment cycle, if in its opinion the candidates do not meet the required profile.


Note: If the document is larger than 20 megabytes, it may have difficulty emailing, in which case an application email containing a link to a downloadable pdf file from the cloud will be accepted.