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About Us

Our MISSION is to serve as a platform for the scientific and technological progress of Panama. We employ an interdisciplinary model for BASIC and APPLIED scientific approaches to promote health, prevent disease, develop treatments and protect the environment.

Our AREAS OF PRIORITY in research are




all directly linked to the fundamental needs of society.

Four KEY COMMITTMENTS form the pillars of everything we do at the Institute:





Find out more in our Strategic Plan 2017-2027

Research Centers

Center for Biodiversity and Drug Discovery
The Center of Excellence in Drug Discovery (CEDD) was established with the aim of finding new molecules with potential for drug development from Panamanian marine biodiversity.
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Neuroscience Center
We investigate cognition, brain and behavior from multiple methodologies including experimental psychology, neurobiology, neuropsychology, neuroanatomy, and molecular biology.

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Center of Molecular and Cellular Biology of Disease
Molecular biology is the scientific discipline that aims to study the processes taking place in living organisms from a molecular standpoint.

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Clinical Research and Translational Medicine
The Centre for Clinical Research and Translational Medicine INDICASAT AIP performs clinical research studies are essential to the introduction of new drugs and vaccines pillar.

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Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer
The ICITT´s mission is to facilitate the interaction between research (academic and research centers) and production (industry) in order to allow knowledge and high-tech discoveries to reach society in a fast and effective manner.

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