History and Objectives


Our History

Our Beginnings

The Institute of Scientific Research and High Technology Services of Panama (INDICASAT) was created in 2002 by the National Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation (SENACYT) to promote the development of science in Panama, based on the premise that development scientist of a determining country for its economic and sociocultural development.

INDICASAT-AIP has one of the most complete research infrastructures in Central America in the areas of chemistry and biology. Additionally, it has staff researchers and specialized technicians in critical areas of biomedical research. In recent years, it has generated a significant number of scientific publications, theses, and internships, among other achievements.

We constitute a Legal Figure

In 2007, INDICASAT was established in its new legal figure: Public Interest Association (AIP). The continuous growth achieved by INDICASAT in recent years has had as a necessary premise the adoption of the AIP legal figure model. The Public Interest Associations (AIP) are an institutional innovation created by Executive Decree No. 440 of 2006. Two central aspects of this new figure are the mission and management of the AIP. In the first place, these associations will be aimed at activities that are not developed in the country or have been developed insufficiently (Article 2). Second, they will administer public funds with the supervision of the Comptroller’s Office (Article 21), while private funds may be managed according to the rules of their regulations and not as public funds (Article 23).

With the AIP model, INDICASAT can manage the services it provides to private companies expeditiously, making purchases and disbursements with agility to meet the demands of a competitive market. At the same time, it manages the funds provided by state-owned companies following government transparency standards. This has allowed INDICASAT-AIP to position itself as an organization with great potential to contribute significantly to the social development of Panama through scientific production.

The INDICASAT-AIP includes among its strategic objectives two main aspects: the generation of scientific knowledge in areas of interest to the country, and the training of highly qualified personnel; all this through scientific research in Biomedicine and other related science fields, technology transfer and the provision of technological services. The main objective of INDICASAT-AIP is to establish itself as a platform for the scientific and technological advancement of Panama, contributing to the training of human resources of excellence in research and development applied to the different priority disciplines for the advancement of the country. It also includes among its objectives to support the competitiveness of the productive sectors, facilitating the interaction of the academic sectors (universities and research centers) with private companies through innovation.


INDICASAT-AIP carries out work in scientific research, clinical trials, and provision of services in water analysis. The institute has the following research areas: Chemistry of Natural Products, Biotechnology, Immunology, Neurosciences, Pharmacology, Toxicology, and Parasitology. Clinical trials are carried out in collaboration with companies that develop drugs and vaccines, and are aimed at learning about vital aspects of new products, such as their efficacy, safety, etc. Additionally, the institute has the capacity to provide various specialized services in areas of Chemistry and Biology, such as water analysis, detection and molecular characterization of pathogens, among others.