Center for Clinical Research and Translational Medicine


Center for Clinical Research and Translational Medicine

Digna Yimara Wong

Digna Yimara Wong, PhD

Clinical Project Manager

Olga Tinajero

Olga Tinajero, PhD

Senior Coordinator of Clinical Studies

Lady Chen

Lady Chen, PhD

Senior Coordinator of Clinical Studies / Sub-researcher in Research Studies.


Laura Chen, BSc

Senior Coordinator in Research Product Management / Senior Coordinator of Clinical Studies.

Xuleheima Ramos

Xuleheima Ramos

Administrative assistant


Ramón Justo

Driver / Messenger

Yulianna Ramos

Yulianna Ramos

Clinical Coordinator and Technologist

Niurka Bonilla

Niurca Bonilla

Clinical Coordinator

Aldrid López

Aldrid López

Junior Clinic Coordinator


Ashley Canto

Clinical Studies Coordinator


Jeziel de los Rios

Clinical Unit Receptionist


Xenia Arosemena

Project coordinator

Since 2006, the INDICASAT AIP Center for Clinical Research and Translational Medicine has carried out clinical research studies that are the fundamental pillar for the introduction of new drugs and vaccines, among others, in the country and even more internationally, developed in joint with multinational companies.

Since its inception until this year, the CICMT has facilitated the conduct of studies with a general scope to improve the health of children and adults. Standing out in the area of ​​pediatrics, collaborating with the training of a significant number of researchers at the National level, through continuous education programs attached to the International regulations of Good Clinical Practices, which are necessary for the conduct of the studies. research.

In the short term, new projects will be started in the area of ​​obstetric and gynecological oncology, expanding the benefits to new groups of the Panamanian population. The development of these studies allows us to be part of the scientific community with high levels of credibility for the contribution to clinical research.

The clinical unit is a department within INDICASAT-AIP that supports the conduct of clinical trials of various sponsors in various therapeutic areas, builds teams of investigators, offers the clinical research service to the sponsor, providing assistance to the principal investigators. Make direct contracts with the study investigator and other personnel that make up the clinical team.

In addition, the clinical unit coordinates epidemiology studies in which the clinical characteristics and epidemiology of particular diseases are evaluated. With these studies we can determine the impact of the vaccines used in the country’s extended immunization program in relation to the existing vaccines and trends at the time of the incidence of various pathologies. The clinical unit has 6 service areas.

The Start up area determines the information for the feasibility and selects researchers and sites for the conduct of the study protocols according to the requirements of the sponsor or the CRO. The regulatory area has a strong working relationship with the local and central ethics committees that is in charge of submitting and updating the investigation protocols. The clinical coordinator is the group responsible for executing the activities with the researcher in all phases of the development of a clinical study, develops compensations, establishes recruitment strategies with the researcher, provides appropriate follow-up to the subjects participating in the studies to ensure permanence , the quality and adherence to the protocol and together with the researcher is in charge of the reporting of serious adverse events.

In the laboratory the transport, storage and supervision, preparation and packing of samples for local or central shipment of the laboratories is determined. In the pharmacy area, we take care of providing optimal control of research products. We are very supportive, we provide a safe, comprehensive and efficient management in the conduct of clinical trials.