Rules of Procedure

INDICASAT laboratories are places where research is carried out using equipment and reagents, attending to the different projects in execution. Due to the processes carried out there, they are potentially risky spaces. However, if we work under the safety standards, there will be fewer risks in them.


Doctors, Researchers, Post-doctorates, Professors and Adjunct Doctors, Laboratory Managers, also including research fellows and master’s and bachelor’s students, interns, those who start their first laboratory experiences, among others. It must also be known to all technical personnel related to laboratory work and administrative personnel.


To work in the different laboratories found in INDICASAT AIP, Chemistry, Cell Biology, Microbiology, Biodiversity, Neurosciences and any other that is later added to the institute, the following points should be considered:


  • Always wear the gown (well fastened) and the personal protective equipment required according to the type of work you do.
  • Wear shirts that cover the entire torso from the shoulders to the waist.
  • Always wear your hair up.
  • Wear pants that cover from the waist to the heels.
  • Wear closed shoes that cover all feet.
  • Prohibido usar pulseras, colgantes, mangas anchas o t-shirt sin mangas, capuchas, bufandas entre otros.
  • Prohibido usar sandalias u otro tipo de calzado que deje el pie al descubierto.
  • Prohibido usar falda o vestido.

In the event of having to carry out any function or visit in the areas of the laboratories are recommended to review and follow for their safety the dress code to enter the laboratories.