Sergio Martínez, PhD

Research lines or specialties:

Basic and applied research in the area of ​​chemistry of natural products. The research consists of obtaining products of medicinal and agrochemical interest, from plant and fungal species through biologically guided chemical fractionation. Currently, we are focused on obtaining novel chemical compounds from the mangrove ecosystem (plants and associated microorganisms) and on biological activities such as antiparasitic (Leishmania, Chagas and Malaria), anticancer, antifungal, antibiotic, diabetes and the biological transporters involved in the resistance to cancer.

Summary of resume:

Dr. Martínez is a Pharmaceutical Chemist Biologist, graduated from the Faculty of Chemistry of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (2002). Graduated from the postgraduate course in Chemical Sciences at UNAM with the title of Doctor of Science in 2007, specializing in the area of ​​chemistry of natural products. Subsequently, he completed a postdoctoral stay of approximately three years in the ICBG Program. Since 2010, he has belonged to the body of INDICASAT-AIP researchers where he has established his line of research focused on the study of the mangrove ecosystem. Also, he has participated as professor of the Postgraduate Degree in Chemical Sciences (Master) of the University of Panama.

Selected publications:

Lopez, D., Martinez-Luis, S. Marine natural products with P-glycoprotein inhibitor properties. Marine Drugs, 12:525-546, 2014.

Martínez-Luis, S., Della-Togna, G., Coley, P.D., Kursar, T.A., Gerwick, W.H. and Cubilla-Rios,   L. Antileishmanial   Constituents   of   the Panamanian Endophytic Fungus Edenia Journal of Natural Products, 71: 2011–2014, 2008.

Martínez-Luis, S., Rodriguez, R., Acevedo, L., González, M.C., Lira-Rocha, A., Mata Malbrancheamide,   a   new   calmodulin   inhibitor   from   the fungus Malbranchea Aurantiaca. Tetrahedron, 62:1817-1822, 2006.

Thesis in process:

  • Dioxelis López, Doctorado, 2011: Panamanian mangrove and associated endophytic fungi as novel source of bioactive compounds.
  • Didio Ortiz, Licenciatura, 2014: Estudio químico de la especie de manglar Mora oleífera.

Sergio Martínez, PhD

Highest degree of studies:: Doctorate, National University

Autonomous of Mexico, Mexico, 2007.

Category:: Researcher.

SNI level:: SIN-I.

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