Enrique Daniel Austin Ward, MD

Research lines or specialties:

  • Clinical Genetics (Human Genetics)
  • Rare Diseases
  • Hemophilia (Hereditary Coagulopathies)
  • Introduction of new therapies based on biotechnology

Summary of resume:

2002-2021 Clinical Geneticist, Social Security Hospital, Panamá City, Rep of Panama

2019-2021 Adjunct Faculty at INDICASAT-AIP Research Institute, Panama

2019-2019 Speaker for Biomarin

2016-2017 Speaker for Stendhal de las Americas (Biomarin and Shire Representative)

2013-2015 Speaker for Genzyme, Sanofy Group

2013-2021 Professorship of Clinical Embriology at the `Universidad Latina de Panama

2011-2021 Punta Pacifica Hospital medical staff member

2000-2017 Professorship of Molecular and Cellular Biology at the `Universidad Latina de Panama´

2000-2002 Development Coordinator at the Institute of Advanced Scientific Research and High Technology Services (INDICASAT , now INDICASAT-AIP) created by the National Secretary of Science, Technology and Innovation (SENACYT),  Republic of Panama

Selected publications:

Austin-Ward ED, Role of Polyamines in the Transduction of Intracellular Signals: Possible Projections of Clinical Use in the Management of Muscular Dystrophies through their Inhibition with Difluoromethylornitine. Revista Médica de Panamá 2019; 39(3): 100-105.
Austin-Ward ED, Castillo S, Sanz P, Salazar S, Knoll J.  Clinical findings in a patient with supernumerary ring marker chromosome 20. American Journal of Medical Genetics 2000; 91(3):171-174.
Austin-Ward ED, Castillo S.  Familial Congenital diaphragmatic hernia:  is an imprinting mechanism involved? Journal of  Medical Genetics 1999;36:578-579.
Austin-Ward ED, Castillo S, Nazer J, Llanos C.  Single Umbilical Artery and Associated Malformations: Experience at the Clinical Hospital University of Chile.  Rev Chil Pediatr 1998;69(5):195-199.
Austin-Ward ED, Castillo S, Nazer J.  Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia and Associated Malformations.  Rev Chil Pediatr 1998;69(5)191-194
Austin-Ward ED, Castillo S.  Artificial Chromosomes and their applications. Revista Hospital Clínico Universidad de Chile. 1998;9(5):30-33.
Austin-Ward ED, Castillo S, Cuchacovich M, Espinoza A, Cofré-Beca J, González S, Solivelles X, Bloomfield J.   Neonaltal Lupus Syndrome:  A Case with Chondrodysplasia Punctata and Other Unusual Manifestations.  Journal of Medical Genetics 1998;35:695-697.
Austin-Ward ED, Villaseca MC.  Gene Therapy and its applications. Rev Med Chi 1998; 126(7):838-845.
Austin-Ward ED, Castillo S, Mellado C, Sanz P, Daher V, Tobella L, Salazar S.  Cytogenetic Studies in 663 Couples with Reproductive ProblemsRev Chil Obstet Ginecol 1998;63(1):19-22.


February 1999/Diagnosis of syndromes associated with structural and numerical abnormalities. Determination of the origin of a marker chromosome ina a patient with dysmorphies and mental retardation performed at Dr. Joan Knoll Laboratory at Children´s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston /Technique:  Fluorescence in sity hybridization (FISH) /Article published in the Am J Med Genetics (see publications)

September 1998-January 1999/Experiments in order to determine the role of MAP kinase and of JUN kinase in the signal transduction pathway in rat myotubes.  Investigation Unit in the laboratory of Dr. María Carrasco, Physiology Department, ICBM, Faculty of Medicine, University of Chile/Techniques employed:  Protein quantitation, protein electrophoresis, western blot/Poster presented at the 43rd Annual Reunion of the Biophysical Society at Baltimore, Maryland (Feb. 13th-17th) under the theme `Potassium Depolarization Stimulates Phosphorilation of Map kinase and CREB transcription factor in Rat Myotubes´- MA Carrasco, D. Austin, J. Ríos, E. Jaimovich.
October 1997- August 1998/Study to determine the prevalence of mutations in the BRCAI and BRCA 2 genes in chilean families with high risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer. Laboratory of Dr. Pilar Carvallo, ICBM, University of Chile /Techniques employed: DNA extraction, PCR, SSCP, Electrophoresis in agarose gels/Poster presented at the XLII Annual Reunion of the Biological Society of Chile entitled `Molecular Genetic Analysis of BRCA I gene in Thirty Chilean Families with Breast Cancer´- Gallardo M, Egaña L, Austin D, Paredes H, Ballesteros G, Castillo C, Cruz A, Silva M, Rousseau C, King MC, Carvallo P.
Enrique Daniel Austin Ward, MD

Enrique Daniel Austin Ward, MD

Highest degree of studies: Specialist in Clinical Genetics, University of Chile, 1999

Category: Adjunct Faculty

Contact information:

E-mail: austin_ward@yahoo.com 

Phone: +507 239-8762+507 6649-5068